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Not Feeling Your Best? The Problem May Be Your Toxic Colon

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If you are suffering with unexplained weight gain, constipation, bloating, gas, poor skin condition, sluggish digestion, allergy flare-ups, or just general feelings of low energy, fatigue, and illness…

... Your colon may be clogged, inflamed, and leaking HARMFUL TOXINS into the rest of your body!

Triggered by poor diet, food allergies, stress, drugs, antibiotics, candida (yeast), and fatty acid deficiencies, a clogged, inflamed colon can trigger a vicious cycle of health problems!

The Vicious Cycle Of The Toxic Colon:

Look at what happens as your colon becomes clogged and inflamed!

A vicious cycle of health problems is triggered… including acne, foggy memory, allergy flare ups, and poor skin condition that you may not currently associate with your poor digestive health!

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Revitalize Your Colon To Break The Cycle

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Anybody can sell you another harsh laxative-based "cleanse."

But here at Digestive Science®, we know that you don't want to strip the colon "clean" with laxatives because this kills good bacteria in your gut and causes further inflammation…

You want to revitalize the colon!

So with this in mind, we've gone against the grain to formulate Intensive Colon Cleanse, based on the very latest medical studies in digestive health! This 10-day cleanse has been formulated with high quality fibres, nutrients, and probiotics that work synergistically to:

  • Flush your colon of toxic build-up
  • Remove parasites & bacteria
  • Clear out clogged sections of the gastrointestinal tract

... All while aggressively combating the inflammation, to ensure toxins are flushed out of your body and not absorbed into the blood stream and vital organs!

Flush... Soothe... And Heal

For Health Benefits You'll Feel Right Away

This highly sophisticated cleansing and detox formulation by Digestive Science® includes a wide variety of beneficial fibres, nutrients, and minerals that flush… soothe… and heal your colon.

Depending on your current health, benefits of completing the 10-day cleanse program may include:

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Because your digestive health has such a broad reaching impact on your overall health, don't be surprised if "little issues" that you didn't previously associate with your colon start to improve!

No Cramps... Loose Stools... Or Feeling Sick

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A cleanse that leaves you feeling crampy, ill, and dizzy with loose stools is NOT good for you.

Aggressive "cleansing" laxatives that strip your colon of everything including the "good bacteria" (your gut microflora) do NOT help to improve your long-term digestive health.

And that's why Intensive Colon Cleanse by Digestive Science® has been formulated to offer:

  • A gentle series of natural laxatives that work gradually, over the 10-day program
  • Elimination of toxins, parasites, & bacteria that have built up in your colon
  • Probiotics that encourage a healthy balance of your gut microflora
  • A series of vitamins, minerals, & herbals that promote healthy colon function
  • A formulation that helps soothe and heal gut inflammation to prevent toxin "leaks"

And it all begins with this gentle yet highly effective 10-Day Cleanse that's designed to reduce your digestive discomforts while flushing your colon and soothing inflammation.

There simply isn't another cleansing product or treatment program on the market like it...

Spread Out Over 10 Days, This Cleanse Works Quickly - Yet GENTLY!


The imbalances that created your digestive health issues have been created over time by issues like stress, poor diet, antibiotics, lack of exercise, allergies, yeast, fatty acid deficiencies, environmental toxins, and more.

So it only makes sense:

These issues will take a little time to resolve.

Yes, you can expect to feel significant relief from your symptoms after completing the initial 10-day Intensive Colon Cleanse by Digestive Science®...

... With IMMEDIATE benefits that can include weight loss, regular bowel movements without gas or bloating, a flatter stomach, increased energy, more radiant skin, and more!

However, that's just the beginning.

To Enjoy The Very BEST Colon Function & Digestive Health, You Should ALSO Plan To Take...

Maximum Digestion Probiotic

You're getting probiotics IN ADDITION to Intensive Colon Cleanse, which should really expedite your healthy weight management while you put these good bacteria in your gut!

Plan to take BOTH the Intensive Colon Cleanse supplement AND Maximum Digestion Probiotic for a minimum of 60 days while your 10 day cleanse is done for optimal colon healing and function!

You've Invited To Try It RISK FREE For 60 Days!

Still not sure Intensive Colon Cleanse by Digestive Science® is right for you?

Then why not take advantage of our RISK FREE money back guarantee? Order today, and we'll give you a full 60 days to use the complete cleansing system at our risk!

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Answers To Some Common Questions:

1. How often should I cleanse?

For the average person in good health who suffers with occasional digestive problems, a cleanse every 3-6 months is ideal, paired with daily, ongoing Probiotic + Digestion Support.

However, if you're suffering with ongoing digestive problems and you've seen a doctor to eliminate any serious diseases or illnesses, then you could likely benefit from more frequent cleansing – and we especially recommend that you supplement with the Probiotic + Digestion Support.

2. Do I need to follow a special diet while cleansing?

Yes, you should plan to make some healthy, common sense modifications to your diet, including: Eat more fruits and veggies. Reduce your consumption of animal fat, sugar, refined grains, and salty snacks. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Eat more fish and nuts. And drink plenty of water.

Of course, if eating right was EASY, there wouldn't be an estimated 60-70 million people suffering with digestive disorders in the United States alone! And that's why we recommend that you consider supplementing with our Probiotic & Digestion Support Program once your 10-day cleanse is complete.

3. I eat healthy already… Why do I need the Probiotic supplement?

Even with the best intentions, our diets frequently don't contain the daily recommended doses of probiotics, fibre, and essential nutrients that we need for optimal digestive health.

And if you're suffering with digestion problems right now, chances are high that you're MISSING something! The Probiotic supplement helps establish balance in your gut of good vs bad microflora, and let your GI tract function as it's designed to do!

4. What results should I expect?

Simply put, once your 10 day cleanse is complete, you can expect to FEEL BETTER!

The constipation, gas, and bloating should be gone. Your stomach will likely look and feel flatter. You may experience a 5-10 lb weight loss*. Your skin will have a healthy, radiant glow again. You'll feel energized, with focus and mental clarity. And you may see issues like acne, eczema, and allergies clear up!

But you don't have to take our word for it. Because Intensive Colon Cleanse is backed by our generous 60-day money back guarantee. Use any of our products, and if you're not satisfied, you can simply return the empty bottles within 60 days of purchase for a full refund of monies paid (minus shipping fees).

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